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Services & Pricing

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Full Valet

The perfect initial service, before moving on to our Maintenance Valet. Our Full Valet covers all aspects of your vehicle, including the interior, exterior and engine bay.

Prices from £150


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Maintenance Valet

A thorough clean of both the interior and exterior of your vehicle, on a regular basis. Vehicles must have had a Full Valet before moving on to our maintenance scheme.

Prices from £60


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exterior safe wash

A detailed clean of the exterior of your vehicle, with short term protection applied.

Prices from £50


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interior deep clean

A thorough clean of all interior surfaces and components within your vehicle.

Prices from £90


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full day detail

The team will spend a full day perfecting your vehicle.

Prices from £300


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summer show Detail

The ideal service to rid your vehicle of winter road grime, in preparation for the summer ahead.

Prices from £200


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winter protection Detail

The complete service to prepare your vehicle for the winter months, protecting all exterior surfaces.

Prices from £200


Dynamic Detailing Engine Bay Clean

engine bay detail

A deep cleanse of the engine bay, restoring a factory fresh look.

Prices from £50


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day with a detailer

A one-to-one detailing session, in which you will gain hands-on knowledge in the correct processes and methods to detail your vehicle.

Price varies


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Machine Polishing

Removing defects and imperfections from the surface of the paint.

Price varies


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Ceramic coating

A permanent layer of protection with different variations of durability.

1 year - from £350

2 year - from £450
3 year - from £550
5 year - from £650
PPF Coating - from £500

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motorbike detailing

An in depth cleanse of all aspects of your motorbike.

Prices from £80


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Bespoke detailing

Have a more bespoke vehicle? Boats, jet-skis, HGV, caravan/motorhomes, agricultural, horse boxes, machine/plant, aviation - we have you covered.

Price varies


Not sure which service you require?

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